23 years
never stop improving

Coming to Chalaco is a charm, developing Chalaco is a mission

Hello everyone, my name is Vinh. Housing in Saigon from the years before liberation. Back then, Saigon was called the Pearl of the Far East of the region, very beautiful and modern

I used to be a civil engineer every day wearing an engineer’s hat, covered with dust, to go to the construction site. As for my family, I do many things in business, but the traditional profession is still textiles… At the beginning of 1994, I decided not to work in construction anymore but to continue the family’s profession.

On April 1, 1994, a friend and I went to Hanoi to complete import procedures for the first batch of machines. On April 13, 1994, the motor ship docked at the port, marking an important turning point in my and my family’s garment career. Remember when the first batch of machines was imported, it was “operated” with all kinds of procedures, including quality inspection, customs clearance documents, applying for permits of all kinds … extremely difficult to complete the procedure. At that time, it was Dong Ha enterprise, with a base in District 1. Chan Lap’s predecessor today.

But things did not go as smoothly as planned. By 1999, unable to stay out of the whirlpool of the Asian economic crisis, a series of factories and enterprises had to stop operating. To reduce the negative impact, my father decided to transfer and sublease the entire Dong Ha factory to a foreign partner. After resting for a few months, many old customers learned that Dong Ha had rented out and were very sorry. Go back and forth between my father and me to redo the sewing factory, because they trust the quality and the mind of the craftsman. That’s why my father decided to set up a new business, bring all the quintessence and processes of Dong Ha over and name this child Chan Lap. Just found out, the word Lap in New Construction Setting, the word Chan in Shock resounded, with the hope that a new business will create a big buzz in the industrial textile industry. Up to now, more than 23 years old, Chan Lap has constantly improved and developed strongly.

In 2001, Chan Lap was proud to be the first enterprise to export women’s jeans to the European market. At that time, the fashion of short-bottomed jeans emerged strongly around the world. The pioneering export of this item has helped Chan Lap rise like a kite in the wind.
Production of jeans until 2003, in order to meet the needs of customers, Chan Lap decided to combine weaving, dyeing… to fully control product quality. Chan Lap’s greatest strength is products from round knitted fabrics such as round neck t-shirts, collars, boxer pants, jogger pants.
More about circular knitting is that the woven fabric will be a giant round tube of fabric. This fabric tube will be cut out and put on the needle frame to shape the fabric. After that, we will go to the processing, bleaching, dyeing … to have finished fabric for later sewing. Due to understanding the textile dyeing process, the requirements for the ratio of Polyester, Cotton, Spandex yarns… Chan Lap can be completely customized according to customer requirements to produce fabrics with special features and quality. guaranteed. Having mastered the weaving and dyeing process, Chan Lap is always proactive in the supply of fabrics for the garment factory. Achieved a successful order rate of more than 98% during 23 years of working.

In addition to the above synthetic fabrics, I also understand that sustainable development must go hand in hand with environmental protection. Should explore and apply recycled fibers – or Recycle into products. Although these fibers cost a little more than ordinary yarns, they contribute a little bit to the protection of this green planet.
Up to now, more than 23 years of construction, Chan Lap is proud that the product has been present in fastidious markets such as the US, EU, Germany, Russia… The largest supermarket chain in the US, Walmart, is also a strategic partner. by Chan Lap. In addition, many retailers around the world have trusted Chan Lap as their first-class production partner.
Domestically, products tagged with Chan Lap have been selected by supermarket chains and major fashion brands such as CoopMart, Go Supermarket (formerly Big C), ConCung chain, and Routine also trust Chan Lap.

I am very grateful and respectful to our customers and partners. Whether you are a large chain of thousands of pieces, to young people just starting to trade in the fashion industry with orders of several hundred pieces, I respect the same.

I have built Chan Lap since the beginning, so I understand the initial difficulty of starting a business, so I wholeheartedly help you by providing my products in small quantities.
It is also because of the trust and companionship of our partners, Chan Lap has successfully exported more than 2 million products per year to the international market, not to mention the factory goods for the domestic market.

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Efforts to create green living values

Always try to develop product lines derived from Recycled fiber, bamboo fiber… Because we understand, sustainable development must go hand in hand with environmental protection.